Twilight's Anna Kendrick Broke Up Via E-Mail!

Twilight's Anna Kendrick Broke Up Via E-Mail!

Playing Bella's high school BFF in the film version of the Twilight saga, allowed the very petite and talent-packed actress Anna Kendrick to appear kinda clueless but, she's telling us that Natalie, the control-freak, ambitious and competent young business-dynamo she plays in the dramady Up in the Air is a little more in her personal ballpark.

As we're sitting down with Anna in Beverly Hills, we're impressed with this spunky actress who is all stylish in black dress accessorized with super high black heels and a huge black onyx ring.  

Anna says she got dating advice from her suave co-star George Clooney (hey, he oughta know, right?) She admits that she had fun letting go along with her character in her drunk, partying scenes.

Since the film poses the theory that our social and work interactions are too impersonal due to modern technology, we wanted to know where Anna stands on texting and e-mail vs. in personal encounters. So, let's get "Up in the Air" with Anna.... Anna Kendrick as Natalie Keener in "Up in the Air." | Paramount Pictures

TeenHollywood: This movie shows how modern technology has replaced actually spending time and interacting with other people.

In your own life, do you text more than you see people?

Anna: I try not to. I’ve tried iChat now. I’ve tried Facebook, but I’m off Facebook. I can’t do any of that Facebook or MySpace stuff. I feel like it’s a really false way of staying in touch.

There are people I want to keep in my life, and there are people that I’ve had to let go of because I feel like a texting relationship or a Facebook relationship is a false relationship. I try to be better about staying in touch with people I’m close to. If it has to be over text or phone then so be it, but I’m much better at in-person interaction.
TeenHollywood: So, you’d never break up with someone with a text then?

Anna: No! When I was 11 years old, I broke up with my boyfriend over email. That’s true. But, email was new, so it was still okay to do that.

TeenHollywood: There is a lot of flying for work going on in this movie. Have you had any airplane experiences that stand out for you?

Anna: I just did a press junket for this movie on a plane, which was strange. That was definitely the first time that I’ve ever seen a concert in a plane. Sad Brad did his song from the movie.

Flying into Vancouver is always weird because I look like such a bum when I fly and Vancouver is the one place there’s always sure to be Twilight paparazzi, so there’s tons of pictures of me online, in the exact same hoodie. I’m like, 'Well, you really needed that picture, didn’t you? I look exactly the same, in the same outfit.'
TeenHollywood: So, did you tap into your own inner control freak for this role?

Anna: I do think she’s a control freak, and I think I’m a control freak, but we react to being out of our element in very different ways. I get more awkward and I fumble and things immediately fall apart. And, Natalie’s rigidity and self-awareness increases exponentially when she feels out of control. She tries to cling to anything that she can control or keep orderly, whether it’s her hair or her computer. It makes for some very interesting comedy.
Anna Kendrick as Natalie Keener in "Up in the Air." | Paramount PicturesTeenHollywood: It sure does. What did you enjoy most about your character Natalie? What was fun to play?

Anna: I love that she’s unapologetically ambitious. I don’t have that and I wouldn’t really want that for myself, but I admire it so much, in her. I love that she’s independent and strong.

I know that the audience only really falls for her after she completely melts down and I love her even when she’s in her bratty mode. I feel protective of her and I wanted her to maintain her dignity. I love her, even when she’s a nightmare.
TeenHollywood: Natalie got to tell George’s character that he was too old. Is George Clooney too old for you?

Anna: (laughs) Yes, George Clooney is too old for me. It’s funny, a friend of his, who was his age, was dating somebody younger than me, and he thought that was fine. And, I was like, 'What would you say to me, if I was dating somebody your age?,' and he was like, 'Oh, no, absolutely not!'

He had this older brother thing with me, where he had rules for me about dating and stuff. It was really sweet.
TeenHollywood: How was it to work with George Clooney?

Anna: He is amazing to work with. If you’d told me how much I was going to end up making fun of George Clooney on this set, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. He gave me a hard time, all day, every day, so it was just like, 'Okay, it’s on! Bring it!'
TeenHollywood: With such great dialogue in this film, did you have a favorite line or moment?Anna Kendrick as Natalie Keener and George Clooney as Ryan Bingham in "Up in the Air." | Paramount Pictures

Anna: I loved yelling at George and telling him off. I loved telling George that he was a 12-year-old. I was so looking forward to that scene, almost to the extent that I was concerned that it was gonna be an indulgent thing. And, Jason (Reitman, the director) reassured me and made sure that I stayed on track, but I was so looking forward to that when I read that scene in the script.

It was like every ex-boyfriend that I’ve ever had, in the form of George Clooney, on a boardwalk. So, telling George Clooney that he was 12 was a lot of fun.
TeenHollywood: The writing in the movie is so tight. Was there any room for improvisation at all?

Anna: Not much. But, when I was drunk Natalie, there was room for more improv. I don’t know if Jason would have let me stray from the page more than I did, but I didn’t really have a desire to. The dialogue was so sharp and so smart, and I felt like I wanted everything to be very exact, when I was in rigid Natalie mode. When I was in drunk Natalie mode, the improv was a little more fun.

TeenHollywood: Do you think Natalie will change in say 15 years or be just as rigid?

Anna: I think there’s a possibility that that’s how her life could have gone. Maybe this epiphany that she’s having at 23, leads to a lot more. Maybe she becomes fun-loving, or maybe she has an affair.

But, I think that there’s hope for her, in the end, and there’s hope that she can find a real balance in her life and accept compromise.
Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley in "New Moon" | Summit Entertainment
TeenHollywood: Can you talk about who you play in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World?

Anna: I play Stacey Pilgrim. I actually got to meet the “real” Stacey Pilgrim, which is Bryan Lee O’Malley’s sister, who’s named Stacey.

Basically, I judge Scott’s (Michael Cera) choices in life and his choices in love, and I’m yelling at him. I just pop up to be what I think is a moral guide point.

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