Rob Pattinson's Twilight Tooth Agony

Rob Pattinson's Twilight Tooth Agony

Robert Pattinson regrets undergoing dental surgery to fix his teeth ahead of his Twilight debut - because the procedure has caused him so many problems.

Movie bosses urged the star to have his smiled fixed before he stepped in front of the cameras to play vampire Edward Cullen in the 2008 teen drama.

But after a long and painful stint in the dentist's chair, Pattinson admits the work may look good on screen but he's been suffering ever since.

He says, "They tried to fix my teeth. And they shaved these little gaps on, they tried to do an Invisalign (dental brace) thing. And I put the Invisalign thing on and was like, 'I don't wanna wear that s**t.' Those gaps between my teeth have decayed and caused me so many problems. That's the one thing I regret doing because I wasn't thinking at the time."

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