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For someone that just turned nineteen, Lucas Till's got a pretty impressive resume, better than most people his age. He was little Johnny Cash's big brother in the biopic Walk the Line and has done more than a few guest spots and commercials on TV. Chances are though that you probably know him best as the sweet, but hunky star of The Hannah Montana Movie.

The southern-born cutie started off in Texas, but grew up in Georgia. He's a down home kind of guy who's really easy to get along with and as the DVD of The Hannah Montana Movie is about to hit the shelves, TeenHollywood got a chance to chat with the up-and-coming actor to get his take on his life: find out who, in real life, he'd like to play in a film some day; what it was like working with Miley; and even just a little bit about girls in general and what you should never do if you want to date him.

TeenHollywood: Are you anything like Travis, the character that you portray in the film?

Lucas: Um yeah, in the beginning when we were doing all of these interviews I was like, 'Yeah we share some similarities', and now I am starting to think about it and yeah, I really am 100% Travis Brody. When I was sixteen, that was pretty much me. I mean, I lived in the suburbs, not the countryside, but I have lived in rural areas.

TeenHollywood: Did you already know how to ride horses and all that stuff?

Lucas: No. I had never ridden a horse before this movie.

TeenHollywood: Cool. Did you enjoy it?

Lucas: Oooh! You have no idea! So much fun!

TeenHollywood: Were you a fan of Miley or Miley's music before this project?

Lucas: Well...

TeenHollywood: We don't mean to put you on the spot!

Lucas: No, no, I'm not exactly her demographic, but I was familiar and definitely acquainted.

TeenHollywood: Did you, Miley (Cyrus) and Emily (Osment) ever get to hang out or get to be friends while filming the movie?

Lucas: Yes. We definitely did. We had plenty of time to do that.

TeenHollywood: What kind of things did you do to pass the time or get acquainted?

Lucas: Well, Miley almost killed me a bunch of times on her Polaris.

TeenHollywood: Oh nice. How did that happen?

Lucas: I jumped in. She convinced me to get in with her somehow and that's pretty much it.

TeenHollywood: So it was just insane driving? There wasn't any special circumstance?

Lucas: Yeah, she's an awful driver. I am not afraid to say it. She can even hear me say it. She'll not get mad at me either because she is awful!

TeenHollywood: Funny! With both you and Miley being raised in the South do you think that added to the chemistry or helped out with the role?

Lucas: Yes, a lot, very much so. The southern part is just supplementary to the chemistry we already had so it was pretty much mostly her making every situation very comfortable whether she meant to or not. Whether she is trying to make you comfortable or whether she is just acting so crazy that you feel normal in comparison, but I felt so comfortable shooting in Tennessee. I felt really at home.

TeenHollywood: Is that an inherently Southern thing to do, to act crazy so other people feel normal?

Lucas: No. That's just a Miley thing!

TeenHollywood: So, not to get too personal, but if there's one thing that a girl just shouldn't ever do if you are hanging out together what would it be?

Lucas: Oh, holy cow! I can't wait to call a lot of girls out for this! (He got totally excited so listen up girls!) Okay, I'm just gonna give you a specific incident that happened to me. I was meeting this girl, I actually ended up taking her on a date later because I was an idiot, but I was meeting-up with this girl that I hadn't seen in a long time. She walks up to me and as she's walking towards me she gets a phone call and answers it, hugs me, doesn't say 'Hi', and keeps going on her phone call ...and it's NOT a business call! It was a casual call and I was sitting there for 10 minutes, just sitting there looking at her while she's having this phone call with someone because I guess she felt too awkward to have an icebreaker so she had to have a phone call instead. Come on! Put your phone down and talk to me and not your phone! Sorry, that was a little bitterness coming out there.

TeenHollywood: No, that's fine. So, 'cell phones off' in the secret fantasy of getting to hang out with you?

Lucas: (laughing) Exactly!

TeenHollywood: Do you happen to be a musical person? Do you play any instruments?

Lucas: Not at all. I LOVE music and admire musicians because I can't. Actually there's an interesting story. I was supposed to learn to play guitar for the movie and they said 'Alright man let's see what you can do with this guitar', and I tried to play and he said 'Alright, so we are gonna put you on keyboard now' because I was so awful at faking guitar.

TeenHollywood: With all the superheroes in films being so big these days could you see yourself playing one of them?

Lucas: Oh yeah! Are you kidding? Actually I could see myself playing the villain more than the hero. I would love to play the villain! I looked up to Heath Ledger since A Knight's Tale and then all throughout his career and then he did the Joker to top it off. He never slacked off as far as his career and man I loved the Joker! Even before the movie came out, when I heard he was cast I was like, 'Yeah, Awesome!'

TeenHollywood: Why do you think you find it appealing to play the villain as opposed to the superhero?

Lucas: It's just different from anything I've done. I was just the cowboy in The Hannah Montana Movie and it's not a really challenging role when I can just walk onstage every day and play myself. I've always wanted to be a bad guy since I was a little kid.

TeenHollywood: If you did play a superhero though, can you think of one specifically that you'd like to tackle?

Lucas: Oh man yeah. Hopefully you will post this and someone will see it and get interested. All of the good ones I can think of have been taken though. I can't really think of one right now.

TeenHollywood: Is there anyone in literature or history or even just an interesting character that you know of that you'd like to portray?

Lucas: I'd like to play Kurt Cobain one day. The only way I would even think about doing music would be in a biographical movie about a musician, but I love Nirvana's music.

TeenHollywood: Very cool. Aside from acting could you see yourself writing or possibly directing someday?

Lucas: Yeah, I do want to direct one day, but when I do I do not want to do mediocre things. I want to learn as much as I can and only do the best job possible so it's gonna be a while.

TeenHollywood: Going back to Miley for a minute, what do you think it is about her character that is just so hugely appealing to her audience?

Lucas: Well, she is a spunky girl and definitely knows how to command an audience. I think that's the appeal. I think the show has the appeal of everyone wanting to be a rock star, but everyone really is a normal person so you get the duality with the Hannah Montana and the Miley Stewart characters.

TeenHollywood: What advice would you give our visitors about following their dreams and deciding exactly what path to follow?

Lucas: Find something you are good at. There are some things I would love to do, but realize I am not any good at. Don't try to make a career on that alright? Make a career on something you can naturally do without even thinking about it. Everyone has that one thing they can do that with. Some people have more than one, but if you have one you can make a career off of it and whatever your passion (aside from that) you can pursue later on in between the time you are making your fortune doing that thing you do so well.

TeenHollywood: Good advice. Not to sound like one of those online surveys, but what is the one thing in your day to day life that you can't live without?

Lucas: Going to the gym. I am jonesing! I haven't been to the gym in like two and a half weeks maybe and it's killing me.

TeenHollywood: What's the one item you have to have with you all the time?

Lucas: Easy, the cell phone. I cannot live without my cell phone because it has my music on it.

TeenHollywood: You went to a public High School, right?

Lucas: I did.

TeenHollywood: How does that work? Did you just take time off for projects as they came up?

Lucas: It works when you have people you get along with as far as your administrators and teachers and then it works perfect. I could escape High School drama by going to make movies, but then I could escape all of the 'actor drama' by going to a normal school. I think it helped me grow up a little and it's a little frustrating because I'm like, 'Why am I weird?', but I'm not weird I just grew up a little faster than a lot of the people I was surrounded by.

TeenHollywood: Did you go and do this project and then go back to school?

Lucas: Well, I did three weeks of pre-production. I shot one scene, so I worked one day on that too. Then I went back for three weeks to graduate High School and then I came back to the movie.

TeenHollywood: When you would go back after filming something did people at school treat you differently or were you still just one of the guys?

Lucas: When you go to a bunch of 17-19 year-old guys and say 'Dude, I'm gonna meet Hannah Montana', they look at you like, 'Alright...whatever', but I was just the same guy. A couple of people were like, 'Oh my God you're going to do The Hannah Montana Movie', but to the real friends back home I was the same guy and I still am.

TeenHollywood: What is The Spy Next Door?

Lucas: That is a Jackie Chan movie I did last November. I have no idea when it's coming out.

TeenHollywood: Miley's Dad Billy Ray was in that with you too, right? Did you get to do some scenes with him?

Lucas: I did actually and it was funny because I shot some scenes and they were talking about hiring him then I had to come back a month later or something and there he was.

TeenHollywood: What was it like working with Billy Ray without Miley there?

Lucas: One of these days I am sure you'll meet Billy Ray and you'll see that he is one of the nicest and easiest guys to get along with in the world.

TeenHollywood: What's coming up for you that you'd like folks to know about, anything on the horizon?

Lucas: Um... yeah (he says hesitantly) I wish this could have taken place a few days in the future because than I'd have more to talk about because something's not finalized so I can't talk about it yet, but I have a series on It's on the Internet, but you can get it on Time Warner Cable or Comcast on Demand and it's a web series about people trying to get over their fears so they go to this fear doctor and stuff ends up happening because Fearnet is about Horror. Anyway, that comes out October 31st , I believe. The date may change, but that's what I have coming up!

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