Madonna Makes Spears Give To Kabbalah

Madonna has persuaded Britney Spears to donate $32,000 to leaders of mystical Jewish offshoot Kabbalah - so the Toxic star's unborn baby will be accepted into the controversial religion.

The 23-year-old singer is due to give birth next month and donated money to Spirituality For Kids - a Kabbalah club for children - at her mentor's request.

The Material Girl is the world's most famous devotee to the mystical offshoot of Judaism, and she has used her influence to garner members for the group.

A source tells British newspaper The Daily Mirror, "Britney made the charity donation last month.

"Madonna suggested Spirituality For Kids because she thinks it's amazing."

"She has told her that introducing her baby to Kabbalah as soon as possible will be greatly beneficial to everyone involved in the child's upbringing."

"She thinks Madonna's a great role model and would never question her advice."

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