The O.C.'s Adam Brody stars in "Missing Brendan"

Before Adam Brody hit stardom with 'The O.C.', he landed his first dramatic leading role in Missing Brendan, alongside Edward Asner and Illeana Douglas. From shirtless and steamy kisses to shy awkward charm and fiery arguments, Brody shows his acting chops and a side to him none have yet seen.

Originally cast in a small role, Brody won the young male lead through a twist of fate and a winsome personality. Writer and Producer Christopher D. White explains, "the potential actors we were looking to cast in the role of Patrick Calden could not get their visas. By then, Adam had won us over with his personality and incredible ability to add-lib. His talent was undeniable." Casting agent Jean Scoccimarro, credited for discovering Angelina Jolie, adds, "Adam has a self-effacing charm about him which he brought to this role and now 'The O.C.'. He can be goofy, funny or serious. He was a sweetheart to work with and he was friendly, polite, considerate and always prepared."

This patriotic family drama follows the lives of three generations of the Calden family including grandson Patrick (Adam Brody), his father (Robin Thomas, The Banger Sisters) and grandfather (Edward Asner) as they embark on a difficult and emotional journey to Vietnam to search for the remains of their sibling (Brendan) who has been MIA since the Vietnam War. Accompanied on their expedition by archeologist Julie Conroy (Douglas), they encounter far more than they expected forcing the Calden family to test the bonds that have tied and estranged them over the years.

White wrote the screenplay with Edward Asner in mind for the role of the grandfather and lucked out when he accepted. Asner explains, "I chose to do the role of George [Calden] as it was an interesting challenge in a script that had something to say regarding the inter-relationships and conflicts within a family that all seemed right and true."

Missing Brendan is a film about family, hardship, perseverance, hope, healing, forbidden love, cross-cultural issues and is a dedication to those who have served in the war.

Missing Brendan hits stores February 15, 2005 on DVD. Running time: 100 minutes.

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