Timberlake Punks Ashton on SNL

Pop star Justin Timberlake got his revenge on celebrity prankster Ashton Kutcher on Saturday night when he mocked the actor on American TV.

Timberlake was the victim of a cruel prank on Kutcher's own MTV show Punk'D, when he was told his property, cars and possessions had been repossessed due to a tax problem.

The Senorita singer vowed to get even on the show and on Saturday night's Saturday Night Live he got his chance.

Timberlake pretended to be Kutcher for a skit in which the prankster attempted to play jokes on his pop star pals.

SNL regulars dressed up as Fred Durst, Christina Aguilera and 50 Cent for the skit, which ended with the rap star refusing to go into his bathroom because a vampire was living there.

Timberlake bounced around the set just like energetic Kutcher, made comic remarks about his girlfriend Demi Moore and ended the skit by giggling, "I'm Ashton Kutcher and I love Justin Timberlake."

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