Jason Biggs is Hot

He is one of Hollywood's hottest young actors. He plays characters you can't help but love. He had sex with a pie! Yes, we're talking about Jason Biggs, "The Pie Guy." You know all about American Pie and his love of pastries, but do you know the real him? Get to know the new "loser" of Hollywood.

Jason M. Biggs was born May 12, 1978, in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. His family includes his father Gary, a shipping-company manager; his mother Angela, a nurse; his older sister Heather, a tax specialist; and his younger siser, Chiara.

Jason started making commercials and modeling at the age of five. His real career start was in 1991 when he won the part of Willie Trancas on FOX's Drexell's Class , though the show was cancelled after one season. When Jason, at the age of 13, returned home from Los Angeles, he got a role on Broadway. He earned critical acclaim as Judd Hirsch's son in the play Conversations With My Father . His work on Broadway helped earn him a role on As the World Turns from 1994 to 1995. His portrayal of the rebellious Pete Wendall earned him a nomination for Best Young Actor in a Drama Series at the Daytime Emmys.

Jason had kept up with his school work and graduated from high school in 1996. He studied briefly at New York University and Montclair State University in New Jersey, but eventually dropped out to move to L.A. to pursue a television gig. This time the series ended after only nine episodes. In 1997, Jason was in Camp Stories , but it wasn't until 1999 and American Pie that Jason Biggs became a household name. In 2000, Jason has been seen as Hunter in Boys and Girls with Freddie Prinze Jr. and in Loser as the loveable Paul Tannek.

Jason Biggs will soon be seen in two more movies. In Prozac Nation he plays Rafe, Christina Ricci's college boyfriend. The drama is based on Elizabeth Wurtzel's book about growing up a manic depressive. Christina Ricci stars as Elizabeth. In Saving Silverman , Jason plays Silverman. In this comedy, Silverman falls for a woman, played by Amanda Peet, who turns out to be evil. Silverman's two best friends, played by Steve Zahn and Jack Black, want to save him from marrying her, so they kidnap her and fake her death. There are also reports of an American Pie 2 .

Jason Biggs future looks bright. The young actor can work any role. His only fear is "being forever known as the kid who had sex with an apple pie," but with all of his upcoming projects, that does not seem likely.

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